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INNER MUSIC. Music on your skin.

Last december 11, 2014, the tuba classroom of CONSMUPA had the opportunity to collaborate on a certainly special concert addressed to a small audience of people with varying degrees of hearing impairment. Accepting the invitation of René de Coupaud, Miguel Ángel Fernández and Patxi del Campo, and following his wise counsels, the members of the CONSMUPA's tuba studio, with the collaboration of Keep in Touch Tuba Project, participated in the design of a concert that, given the special caracteristics of the public it was addressed, should contain an important visual and rhythmic content.
In order to provide mechanisms to feel the vibrations, Patxi del Campo brought balloons, beach balls and tambourines of different sizes that, with the instruments of the performers themselves, helped the audience to feel the music through vibrations. At suggestion of Patxi, the concert became a modest tribute to Roberto Reccia, recently died in Buenos Aires, which was one of the pioneers of music therapy applied to people with hearing disabilities. 
Exerting as presenter and master of ceremonies, Patxi del Campo explained, with the aid of the sign language interpreters Lara Alonso and Susana Ordás, to the attendees and the general public in what would consist each piece and what could they use to feel it. I'm convinced, without fear of being wrong, that all who participated in the concert greatly enjoyed the experience, in which the music, this abstract language that emerges from the many and varied vibrations generated by the instruments of the ensemble, exercised its immense power to thrill.

INNER MUSIC: Music on your skin, is a collaboration between IMAP, Taller de Músicos de la Fundación Municipal de Cultura de Gijón, the Fundación Padre Vinjoy, YoTuba and the CONSMUPA. From the Tuba classroom of the CONSMUPA and Keep in Touch Tuba Project we can only strongly thank to all that were involved in the event for allowing us to participate.

Sincerely... thanks

Músic on your skin

The Queens Funeral March                                         Henry Purcell (Arr. Alfonso Mollá)
Canzona                                                                          Henry Purcell (Arr. Alfonso Mollá)
Dies Irae                                                                          Arr. Alfonso Mollá
Pavane                                                                            Henry Purcell (Arr. Alfonso Mollá)
The Queens Funeral March                                         Henry Purcell (Arr. Alfonso Mollá)
Bis: Dies Irae.

Presenta: Patxi del Campo San Vicente.
Sonido de Patxi del Campo y Fotografía: René de Coupaud Villarubia.
Realización: Miguel Ángel Fernández Gutiérrez.
Coordinadoras desde la Fundación Padre Vinjoy: Aurora Logedo y Marta Maseda.


Ensemble de Tubas del CONSMUPA + Keep in Touch Tuba Project
Rubén Costa, Davíd Lavía, Fran Villamor, Luis Busto.
Hugo Portas, David Muñoz, Manuel Alejandro López, Rubén Carro, Alfredo Viceiro, Nicolás Portas, Pablo Santaclara, Nuria Inguanzo, Sergi Vañó, Abel Fernández, Ismael Cenador, Patrikas Kisunas.
Vanesa Menéndez, María Cuadriello.
Alfonso Mollá.


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