lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

Professor Laimonas Masevičius at the CONSMUPA.

I truly believe that the Erasmus+ program is one of the best tools that Europe has put in the teacher's hands in order to complete both our formation as the training of our students. Erasmus+ offers the possibility of exchanging students and teachers, so that an interesting exchange of knowledge and experiences occurs.
In CONSMUPA Tuba and Euphonium studio we will receive from 14 to 17 December 2015 to Professor Laimonas Masevicius from the Lietuvos Muzikos ir Teatro Akademija.
If any of you would be interested in attending the classes, please contact me.

Laimonas Masevičius was born in a little town Prienai, where he started to play piano when he was 5 years old. Later at age thirteen he started to play tuba at Balys Dvarionas music school. Until he started studies in Lithuanian Music academy, Laimonas won two 1st prizes at republic J. Pakalnis competition (2000, 2002), and 1st prize in “Young virtuoso” competition (2001) in Ryga, Latvia. Later when he became a student, he won 1st prize at Yamaha music foundation of Europe (2003) and a special prize —brand new tuba by Markus Theinert at 39th international tuba competition Marneukirchen, Germany―. After this competition was invited to study with full scholarship to Carl Nielsens Music Academy Odense, Denmark. He had two wonderful tuba professors —Joergen Voigt Arnsted and Carl Boye Hansen―.
After getting bachelor degree in Odense, Laimonas entered to the Royal Danish music academy in Copenhagen, Denmark, at prof. Jens Bjorn-Larsen’s class. In year 2008 got in to soloist class at Royal Danish music academy, but at the end of the same year, there became free position at Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theatre, and decided to go back home. So since 2009 Laimonas is principal tuba player at LNOBT and teacher at Lithuanian academy of music and theatre. He also finished doctorate studies at Lithuanian academy of music and theatre in 2011. His last two competitions were in Ryga, Latvia, where he got 1st prize in V Jurjani Andrejs international competition, 2010, and 15th international tuba competition Brno, Czech republic, where he got honourable mention, for best performed piece.
Now, Laimonas has biggest euphonium and tuba class in Baltic countries, and participating in many competitions as jury, and a performer in international music festivals.

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Laimonas Masevičius nació en el pueblo pequeño de Prienai, donde empezó a tocar piano cuando tenía cinco años.  Luego, con trece años comenzó a estudiar tuba en la escuela de música “BalysDvarionas”. Antes de haber empezado sus estudios en la Academia Lituana de Música, Laimonas había ganado dos primeros premios en el concurso de la República “J. Pakalnis” (2000,2002) y el primer premio en el concurso “Virtuoso Joven” en Riga, Letonia. Luego, en su época de estudiante, ganó el primer premio de la Fundación Yamaha de Música Europea (2003) y un premio especial –una tuba nueva de Markus Theinert en el 39° Concurso Internacional de Tuba de Marneukirchen, Alemania. Después de este concurso, la Academia de Música "Carl Nielsen" de Odense (Dinamarca) le ofreció una beca completa para estudia allí.  Tuvo dos profesores de tuba estupendos: Joergen Voigt Arnsted y Carl Boye Hansen.  Después de graduarse en artes en Odense, Laimonas ingresó en la Academia Real de Música de Dinamarca, en la clase de Jens Bjorn-Larsen. En el año 2008 Laimonas entró en la clase de solista en la Academia Real de Música de Dinamarca, pero a finales del mismo año se convocaron plazas para la orquesta del Teatro Nacional de Ópera y Ballet de Lituania y Laimonas decidió volver a su país. Entonces, desde 2009 Laimonas es el tubista principal en el LNOBT y es profesor en la Academia Lituana de Música y del Teatro.  También completó sus estudios de doctorado en la Academia Lituana de Música y Teatro en 2011.  Sus últimos concursos fueron en Riga (donde ganó el primer premio en el Concurso Internacional nacional "Juri Andrejs" en 2010) y Brno (República Checa) (dónde ganó una mención especial por la pieza mejor interpretada).
Hoy en día, Laimonas tiene la mayor clase de bombardino y de tuba de los países bálticos y participa en muchos concursos como jurado y en muchos festivales internacionales de música como intérprete.
Traducido del inglés por Ben Mcconnell.

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martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015

Spanish Brass Luur Metalls at the CONSMUPA.

On Thursday, December 3, 2015 we will have the pleasure of welcoming the members of Spanish Brass Luur Metalls to the CONSMUPA . With a long career, this quintet is undoubtedly a reference for the brass musicians. Throughout their Master Class, the students will have the opportunity of receiving advice from the members of this group. For the Tuba and Euphonium studio from the CONSMUPA, will be an honor and a pleasure to enjoy Sergio Finca's classes.
All those who are interested in attending, please do not hesitate to contact me, through the blog, or the school secretary. (Tel: 985 21 75 56)

Sergio Finca