jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

Keep in Touch Tuba Project records music by Henry Purcell.

It is not easy to coordinate a group of thirty-four tubas and two percussionists, coming from different parts of Spain for the occasion, is not easy to get that LABoral Centro de Arte kindly yield us, thanks largely to the efforts of David Muñoz, a  breathtakingly beautiful space, is not easy to have two great professionals like Miguel Ángel Fernández -in charge of conducting video- and  René de Coupaud sound engineer, both extraordinarily generous sharing with us their valuable time and expertise. It is not easy, as I say, embarking on a project of this size, taming a difficult and uncomfortable acoustic for a group like Keep in Touch Tuba Project, and interpret a wonderful music imagined by the genius of Henry Purcell (1659-1695 ) for vocals, natural trumpets and strings.
The challenge was enormous, but the generosity of all who participated in the project has made possible to end the day back home, tired, rather exhausted but satisfied. Keep in Touch In Tuba Project, papers and lecterns spread with extraordinary ease, musicians mingle with different levels so that all voices be equalized. From Yotuba platform, David Munoz and Hugo Portas, tireless and effective managing the purchase of shirts, provision of music stands, chairs, conductors stage and all the small details, seemingly insignificant but essential, as well as the control of the musicians with the countless calls and messages that this job entails. Miguel Angel Martin came with his inseparable camera, and although this time, feeling a bit sick, he did'nt play, he spent the whole day with us capturing the beauty of teamwork.

Again, a recording of these characteristics is not easy, in fact it is only possible through the generosity of all who participated in such an exciting project. Pending the video and audio assembly, I think the result will be satisfactory ...
Thank you very much to everyone ....


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