jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

Experimenting with expanded tubas.

The concept of the expanded tubas was developed last year by Miguel Ángel Fernández. Miguel had been working in a very nice musical installation called Humanless Orchestra in which a chamber orchestra was reproducing a recorded piece, using the instruments as the own resonators... When I saw this project, I asked Miguel, that is in fact a wonderfull friend of mine, to do something similar with tubas... but instead of reproducing recorded music, we could play something together, a free improvisation with the aid of live electronics....
After several trials, modifying several things, the expanded tubas started to function as we wanted... we hope you enjoy the live recordings of this two versions of the same piece... a free improvisation called Turbo...

Thanks Miguel!!

Humanless Orchestra. Miguel Ángel Fernández, 2014.

Headphones recomended

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