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Master class with Gabriel Capet at the CONSMUPA

Auspiced by the Erasmus + program, Professor Gabriel Capet will be at CONSMUPA from March 13 to 17, 2017. Throughout the week, the CONSMUPA students will have the opportunity to attend several individual and collective classes. They will receive the advice of an excellent professional trained in the French tradition. It is a pleasure and an honor to receive him at the CONSMUPA Tuba and Euphonium Studio

Thanks Gabriel !!

Gabriel CAPET begun music in the "municipal wind orchestra of Bully-MAZINGARBE" conducted by Raymond BOUDRY. After classical studies (Conservatoire de Lille, OFJ, Académie d'Orchestre de PARIS, CSNMD de Paris), his infatuation for eclecticism led him to interact across different musical universes. His interest for small brass ensembles made him play with ensembles such as: QUINTE JUSTE brass quintet (winner of the Menuhin Foundation in 1986) and the TUBA quartet "Tuba Yaga".
TUBA player of the military orchestra "MUSIQUE DES GARDIENS DE LA PAIX DE PARIS" from 1986 until 1994, he often played with famous french symphonic orchestras: Opéra de Paris, Opéra de Lyon, Orchestre National de Lille, de Bordeaux Aquitaine and big bands: Bekummernis (conductor Luc LE MASNES ) Multicolour Feeling Fanfare Eddy LOUISS and with the big band of the Conservatory of Lille (conductor Denis BADAULT Laurent CUNY ) .
Today, he is member of «l'Ensemble Patchwork»: a swing-wing group who’s aiming to promote the Tuba through different styles of music and formations. On several occasions, Gabriel CAPET plays with brass ensembles such as: brass ensemble of the CNR de Lille, "SUR MESURE"-brass ensemble, the brass ensemble of Orchestre National de Lille and the "EUROBRASS ENSEMBLE" and « Aeolus brass-Band ». He also performs as a soloist with wind-bands such Calonne Ricouart, Villars Bonnot, with brass Bands: Brass-Band from 43° RI, Brass-Band Nord-Pas-de-Calais, OCA Brass-Band, Brass-Band Aeolus.
Willing to share his passion and experience, Gabriel teaches at the "Conservatoire Royal de Liege, CRR de Lille and in the music school of Calonne Ricouart (in twenty five years, he taught at 250 different students 30 became professional musicians or teachers).
He also participated at international summer schools like EPSIVAL or the international academy of Dinant. He organised different events such as "Rencontres inter-régionnales de tuba" , with his friend Thierry THIBAULT or “Discovering the TUBA” with Marc Steckar and P.Legris, “TUBA meets cello” with the Danel quartet, TUBA meets Improvisation” with Didier Havet and J. Deregnaucourt, “TUBA meets French horn” with T.Lentz.
Today, Gabriel CAPET continues this musical way by commissioning creation of contemporary musical pieces from Thierry MEURISSE or Arnaud BOUKHITINE and by participating in the development of Willson 3400S Eb tuba FA-5.

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Auspiciado por el programa Erasmus +, el profesor Gabriel Capet estará en el CONSMUPA los días 13 al 17 de marzo de 2017. A lo largo de la semana, los alumnos del CONSMUPA tendrán la oportunidad de asistir a varias clases colectivas e individuales en las que recibirán los consejos de un excelente profesional formado en la tradición francesa. Es para nosotros un placer y un honor recibirle en el Aula de Tubadel CONSMUPA.

Gracias Gabriel!!

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